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10 juli, 2021 09:30 - 13:30

Symposium Hosted by the IARPP Candidates Committee 


Training To Be a Relational Psychoanalyst: 


Challenges, Opportunities, Transformations 


When: July 10, 2021 09:30am EST time – 01:30pm EST time 


Where: Via Zoom (link to be provided) 


The IARPP Candidates Committee consists of candidates and early-career analysts and psychotherapists from all over the world, who come together to create a warm, welcoming, and supportive space within the larger IARPP community. The focus of the Candidates Committee is to provide opportunities for candidates and early-career psychoanalysts/psychotherapists. We host interactive educational webinars led by senior members of the international relational psychoanalytic community as well as the Candidates Panel at the annual IARPP conference.

In this symposium we endeavor to illustrate and explore what sets relational psychoanalysis and psychotherapy apart from other modalities. Different candidates from around the world have been asked to share their experiences in learning to become a psychoanalyst, as viewed from a relational lens. The candidates present brief clinical vignettes to highlight various concepts that are integral to relational psychoanalysis, including but not limited to developing an understanding of therapeutic action within the analyst-client dyad.


Here is the list of presenters:


Moderator: Hilary Offman, MD- Canada

Presenters: Natalia Hanckes De Laire, – Chile

Temo Keshelashvili, MSc, PhD candidate- Canada

Maria Apostolopoulou – Greece

Gilly Katz Ben Sheffer, MA- Israel

Giuseppe Magistrale, PsyD- Italy

Brianda Portalatin, PhD- Spain

Candidate from- Sweden…

Lisa Ruesch, JD, LCSW- USA


This symposium is free and open to all candidates, early- career analysts/psychotherapists, and others interested to learn more about training in Relational Psychoanalysis in different parts of the world. IARPP membership or having a local IARPP chapter is NOT required. 


We hope to see you all on July 10!

Registration will begin on June 19.

Warm Wishes,

The Candidate´s Committee: 

Fabia Banella, Co-Chair – Italy

Erik Fagerberg, Co-Chair – Sweden

Afarin Kohan – Canada

Lissa Schaupp – USA

Andrea Rihm – Chile

Konstantinos Mouchalos – Greece

Ignacio Blasco – Spain

Lilach Shalev – Israel

Sandra Toribio Caballero – Board Liaison, Spain



10 juli, 2021
09:30 - 13:30

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