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Inbjudan till Föreläsning med Paul Wachtel 23-23/4 2020

23 april, 2020 10:00 - 24 april, 2020 15:00

  Skandinaviens Akademi för Psykoterapiutveckling AB




Välkommen på föreläsning med Paul Wachtel om


Attachment, Anxiety and the Synergies of Psychotherapy Integration


I April nästa år kommer Paul Wachtel till SAPU och föreläser om integration i psykoterapi. 

Vi på SAPU vill visa er förening genom att bjuda in er till ett förmånligt pris. 


För närmare information se Pauls beskrivning i ett abstrakt som bifogas denna inbjudan.


PLATS: Årsta Folkets Hus

TID: 23 april 10:00 – 16:30

         24 april 08:30 – 15:00

PRIS 3000 kr ex. moms (obs. endast för medlemmar i SFRP)


I anmälan ska ni ange att ni är medlemmar i SFRP, namn, telefonnummer och faktureringsadress.

Senast den 15 mars behöver vi er anmälan. Observera att antalet platser är begränsade så anmäl er så snart som möjligt om ni vill bli garanterade en plats.








This workshop will present an integrative approach to therapy that brings together relational psychoanalysis, emotionally-focused experiential therapies, family systems thinking, and third wave and constructivist cognitive-behavioral approaches.  A key focus of the workshop will be to highlight ways in which therapeutic approaches can be unwittingly pejorative, pathocentric, and demeaning. It will show how the patterns and psychological organizations that are frequently described (and thought about) in such unflattering terms as irrational, primitive, preoedipal, maladaptive, borderline personality organization, etc. or are primarily understood in terms of “disorders’ can be taken fully seriously for the problems and suffering they create but addressed in ways that emphasize respect, acceptance, validation, and building on strengths.  Key to this transformative approach is attention to the ways that anxiety and shame come to be associated with certain thoughts, feelings, aims, perceptions, or behaviors and how the further evolution of personality is constrained and distorted by this anxiety. The discussion will show how this casting into the shadows of some of our most important sources of vitality and potential adaptive resources is learned in the context of our early attachment relationships but also how it is carried forward into our later years by self-perpetuating circular patterns and self-fulfilling prophecies. Key to breaking these vicious circles is understanding how other people in one’s life are drawn in as unwitting “accomplices” in the pattern; attention to the exceptions to the pattern; understanding of behavior and experience in relation to the relational context in which it occurs; and the combined deployment of psychodynamic methods and understanding with perspectives and clinical methods from systemic, experiential, and cognitive-behavioral approaches.  The workshop will provide a clarifying theoretical framework as well as extensive clinical examples and video illustration.



23 april, 2020 10:00
24 april, 2020 15:00

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